Glyptics (after Fr. glyptique < Gr. glypho - to cut, to carve) - The art of excising, or carving gems or semi-precious stones which was known from the ancient times and reached its peak in the ancient world culture.

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 The creative works by the artist Oleg Ivanovich Galatin - the glyptics - the art of carving precious and semi-precious stones. Oleg Galatin is one of very few masters today who works in such a rare kind of artistic trade. Many stones with an engraved design by this master are exhibited adroad regularly: in Germany, Singapore, Hungary. Series of his works are preserved in the Museums of Kiev, in the State Hermitage of St. Petersburg, in the Armoury Palace of the Moscow Kremlin, in the Municipal Museum of Florence, and in many private collections.


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New collection "My Russia"
New collection "To Sankt - Peterburg 300 years"

  Only a small part of Oleg Galatinís works is presented in this Server. With the same skill, he also creates gemmas with the deepened and embossed forms (intaglios and cameos). After entering the catalogue, you can acquaint yourself with every work even closer by just clicking on the picture on your computer.

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